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Xbox One Titanfall bundle revealed

Xbox One Titanfall bundle revealed
Xbox One Titanfall bundle revealed
Xbox One Titanfall bundle revealed (photo via

Microsoft has revealed a much-rumored Xbox One Titanfall bundle, albeit not a themed console or custom paint for the console and controller, rather buy an Xbox One and Titanfall for $499, effectively making Titanfall free within the purchase.

The announcement comes via and is just as it sounds, purchase a specially marked Xbox One (pictured) and receive Titanfall for no additional purchase. Also included in the purchase will be one month of Xbox Live Gold, along with the typical dressings for the Xbox One including a headset, controller, and the Kinect.

The bundle represents a strong move by Microsoft to move consoles, hopefully motivating those on the fence about the next gen hardware to get in to a store and pick one up, and move the dial for the Xbox One's sales numbers. The Xbox One has experienced solid sales thus far, but still lacks behind Sony's PS4 in hardware sales volume. While the January NPD figures have not been released, it is known that Microsoft stayed in second place to Sony, and according to Sony's PlayStation Blog, the PS4 nearly doubled the Xbox One's figures.

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