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Xbox One's Price Drop - Sorta

Xbox One Console with Kinect
Xbox One Console with Kinect

If you have not heard by now, Microsoft has "lowered" the price for their console. Well, not so fast you see. The $499 price is with the console and the Kinect. The $399 is just for the console and no Kinect. This all in attempt to catch up and keep pace with competitors

Microsoft instead of lowering prices is really just giving you options. While this is not a bad thing, do not be mislead from the headlines that say price drop. Now if you could get an Xbox One and Kinect for $399, we should be ecstatic and be raving about it from morning to night but this is not the case.

So in turn if you are the one that likes the Kinect games or using the Kinect support inside of other games be prepared to shell out some serious cash, on the other hand if you do not mind having not having the Kinect and want to save a $100 then having this option available will work nice in your favor.

I am hoping that Microsoft is looking to lower the bundled Kinect option. This definitely would drive interest into the system and gain valuable market share. Other positives would be higher quality Kinect games and support features that could have great dividends in the future.