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Xbox One’s cloud will benefit a certain class of developer more than others

Supergiant Games' 'Bastion' was an Xbox 360 timed exclusive. 'Transistor' has not been announced for a Microsoft console.
Supergiant Games' 'Bastion' was an Xbox 360 timed exclusive. 'Transistor' has not been announced for a Microsoft console.
Supergiant Games

UPDATE: We incorrectly stated that Bastion was a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. While it did release first on Xbox which was the only console it was playable on until four weeks later when it released on PC, it is not a timed exclusive by Microsoft Standards. As a new studio, Supergiant couldn't be everywhere at once and simply chose to release on the Xbox 360 first.

Speaking with someone who's working on Microsoft's new Xbox Live Compute is a rare occasion. So while we were sitting down with Xbox Live Program Manager, John Bruno, we grilled him with all sorts of questions.

No doubt, you're aware of Sony's focus on independent developers, and Microsoft has responded in part, but with this new cloud initiative, we wanted to see if the company would continue to try and regain some ground. Bruno was honest in his opinion that AAA developers would likely see more gains from the feature.

"I definitely think there’s a class of developer who it will benefit more based on what resources they have available to them and how. You look at some of the larger development shops and they kind of get more resources than some of the smaller ones."

Because of the size of AAA studios, Bruno believes that they're more likely to benefit from the Azure servers.

"What ends up happening is there is this sort of marriage between Microsoft, our server technology, how to build large servers at scale, along with game developers who are a highly creative group of people that don’t necessarily know how to do that," Bruno continues, "When you put those things together, there’s lots of potential for really great games to show up in the future."

So while it's not like indies and AA companies can't benefit from Xbox Live Compute, the amount of integration between Microsoft and AAA developers is much more likely to happen. Let's just hope the company continues to correct its image, it has already lost Supergiant Games to Sony and their indie initiative. Their critically acclaimed title Bastion first released on the Xbox 360 but their upcoming Transistor isn't even planned to release on a Microsoft console.

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