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Xbox One & PS4 trends: People are now more comfortable paying for add-on content

What do you think about these things?
What do you think about these things?

The PS4 and Xbox One have made it more simple for consumers to purchase full-game content along with add-on content, and apparently, the two systems have made people more open to buying additional content on their next-gen systems.

Recently, EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin explained why the PS4 and Xbox One have not only made gaming's marketplace better, but they have lightened up consumers to the idea of purchasing additional content in a game.

"The marketplace has really expanded well; if you make a good enough game you can continue to sell more of your game in a better way than you could on the 7th gen platforms. You can sell better ongoing DLC, you can monetize with micro-transactions, it's a better marketplace.

"People are more [comfortable with] paying for additional content than they used to be. As practice becomes common practice, and it gets very prevalent, it gives you the ability to monetize well if you execute well. That's a really good thing for the industry," Zatkin said.

Having a healthy, vibrant marketplace is an ideal thing to be able to say about gaming, post Xbox One and PS4 launch. With that said though, things will change over the next few years and new trends of how people feel about in-game purchases and DLC will start to solidify.

While it may look like DLC and micro-transaction content are in demand from consumers, the newness of the PS4 and Xbox One will eventually wear off. Once novelty isn't a partial factor for consumers anymore, than we'll start to see the real truth in what and why people buy digitally in gaming.

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