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Xbox One, PS4 the focus for Sledgehammer with upcoming ‘Call of Duty’

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
Infinity Ward via

With the transition between the current-gen consoles –– Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 –– and the next-gen consoles –– Xbox One and PS4 –– in the rearview mirrors, Sledgehammer Games said that the ‘Call of Duty’ title they’re developing would be designed first and foremost for next-gen, according to a report today from VG 24/7.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Call of Duty publisher Activision, said in an interview with IGN that SledgeHammer would be designing the next iteration in the popular video game franchise with next-gen in mind because the hardware is no longer a mystery for developers.

“Sledgehammer is approaching this as a next-gen-first development,” Hirshberg said.

Because of the transition between current-gen and next-gen during the last year, Hirshberg said studios developed “cross-generational” games because the new technology hadn’t fully been cemented.

“Now that we have the next-gen hardware out in the marketplace and solid, that is our primary development,” Hirshberg said.

Sledgehammer will now be one of three studios –– Infinity Ward and Treyarch the others –– to work on Call of Duty games in a three-year cycle, as opposed to the previous two-year cycles before.

Hirshberg said that with the advent of next-gen consoles, however, Activision wanted the Call of Duty developers to have enough time to fully utilize the new hardware to “innovate, iterate, to bring the best creative vision and the most possible polish to each and every game.”

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