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Xbox One & PS4 have fully adopted micro-transaction methodology, says EEDAR

Thoughts on micro-transactions?
Thoughts on micro-transactions?

As micro-transactions are always a point of heated discussion and debate, they have also found their way onto the PS4 and Xbox One in quite a significant way.

Recently, EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin discussed the increases in in-game currency by players, as well as the types of models he believes are going to significantly emerge as we go on in the life-cycles of the PS4 and Xbox One.

"There were 8400 platform titles [on last gen]. Less than 50 used hard currency in the 7th gen. That's about 0.5 percent. On 8th gen, looking at the launch titles, we can see it's already at 40 percent (PS4) and 45 percent (Xbox One).

"We can see that there's been a real embracing of some of the new business models on the new gen of consoles with their updated storefronts and bigger hard drives... This is a full adoption of micro-transaction methodology.

"I think we're going to see everything. I think we'll see premium games, I think we'll see premium games with downloadable content, I think we'll see premium games with downloadable content and micro-transactions, I think we'll see games coming in at lower prices and then offset their lowering in price whether it be to half price or all the way down to free.

"I think we'll see some really good experimentation and in some cases taking some of the best practices from mobile, social and tablet and moving it into higher-definition games," Zatkin said.

Micro-transactions can be a great thing for some players who want to gain an advantage over others by paying a few extra bucks for something; however, those can become a hindrance once they are the center of the experience or are an essential function for progressing through the game.

Some games have this balance struck extremely well, while others seem to have a less well-thought out process implemented. It's not a matter of if micro-transactions will be a part of the PS4 and Xbox One's future, but how they will be, and what impact they will have.

Consumers will obviously play a major role in determining what sort of future micro-transactions have in the PS4 and Xbox One's life-cycle, but right now, that has yet to be finalized.

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