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Xbox One gets an update to restore sanity to some frustrated users

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Microsoft's latest console has been on store shelves for a while now, and most reviewers seem quite happy with the system. However, the system was released lacking several key OS features that the Xbox 360 had and the more 'hardcore' gamers felt it was foolish to leave these functions out.

Fortunately, on February 11, Microsoft will roll out a new system update for the One, and this update promises to bring some of those features back to gamers.

The two largest complaints by users are the lack of an onscreen battery power indicator for controllers, and the inability to see and manage an Xbox One's internal storage space. These two problems will be resolved on the 11th,.

With the various bug fixes also comes a feature that the 360 had, but the One doesn't seem to support natively: the use of USB keyboards. The update will also allow users to download new system updates silently in the background instead of having to sit through a screen.

Apparently, you don't have to obtain this update and get these new features if you don't want them because Microsoft has stated that the update will be optional.