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Xbox One F2P fighter ‘Killer Instinct’ sends gamers to ‘jail’ for disconnecting

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Xbox One free-to-play fighter Killer Instinct is cracking down on players rage quitting, or disconnecting midway through matches, by punishing them with matchmaking jail, according to a report today from GameSpot.

The Xbox One exclusive will take those who habitually disconnect from matches out of frustration or anger and match them with other rage quitters for a certain number of days.

A ranked match player –– with 10 or more matches under his or her belt disconnect –– will be sent to “jail” if he or she has a 15 percent or higher disconnection ratio.

While in jail, these fighting felons will only be matched with fellow inmates for at least a period of 24 hours –– a punishment that increases by one day (up to five days) each time they’re sent to Killer Instinct penitentiary.

The match that ends with a player being sent to jail counts as an automatic loss, and any player released from jail with a 15 percent or higher disconnection rate that drops again will be sent immediate back.