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Xbox One E3 plans, 'Halo' and more discussed by Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer
Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, used with permission

New Xbox head Phil Spencer became very talkative on Twitter Sunday night. With a very important E3 right around the corner for the Xbox One, he talked about the company’s announcement plans, “Halo”, “Minecraft”, “Lost Odyssey” and why Microsoft has no plans for a dedicated handheld gaming device.

E3 and games

According to Spencer, the Xbox team is trying to find ways to make E3 feel more fan focused. Hardcore gamers should feel plenty of love though as he says that will be the main focus of Microsoft’s presentation while at the annual convention.

The E3 announcements will include both sequels and all new franchises from new studios that Microsoft is working with. It sounds like a good chance that old fan favorites will be brought back as well though as Spencer said that “we have opportunities with IP we own that we’ve neglected.”

The most obvious source of neglected IPs remains at Rare, which recently saw “Killer Instinct” rebooted for the Xbox One. However, the Japanese RPG “Lost Odyssey”, which was released for the Xbox 360, was brought up by fans as well. However, Spencer said that the sequel “rights on that one are a bit complicated” before saying he’d like to the original game turn up on Games on Demand.


“Halo” is another matter altogether though as any information related to “Halo 5” or the possibility of a “Halo 2” remake is on complete lockdown. “I have strict orders from [Bonnie Ross] that I can’t talk about anything related to [343 Industries] IP,” Spencer explained.

As proof, the 343 Industries manager responded by showing that she is always watching. “The question is will he follow my orders?” she asked.

Handheld Xbox

Don’t expect a dedicated Xbox handheld gaming device announcement from Microsoft at this E3 or pretty much ever. Spencer fielded a question from a fan on that subject and answered in a way that has reflected Microsoft’s action to this point. “I don't think we'll do a dedicated handheld gaming device, rather just focus on [Windows Phone], tablets, maybe with controller support someday,” he said.


“Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” has been a hot topic as usual. Spencer could only say that Microsoft is working with Mojang on a release date for the game and that’s it. A previous announcement indicated that “Minecraft” for the Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita will be out by the end of September. E3 sounds like a perfect time to announce news on all three for both Microsoft and Sony.

Xbox One Updates

Finally, keep your eyes on system update news for the Xbox One. Spencer indicated that Microsoft is dedicated to releasing monthly updates to the console and support for external hard drives is still coming.

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