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Xbox Mass Effect 3 players may suffer a save import bug

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Fans of the Mass Effect series that own an Xbox 360 may run into some problems today as they hit the stores for the latest instalment and attempt to import their game saves. Electronic Arts is aware of the problem, although at this point there's no patch to fix it, just some suggested work arounds. It seems that Xbox 360 players who are attempting to import an ME2 save that is in itself using data from an ME1 save will find their customized Shepard character design will not carry over, even though the decisions made in the previous game will, thus forcing them to recreate the characters. More seriously however, players that have been using the Xbox Live Cloud to save their game online are finding that an ME save from the cloud will not import into Mass Effect 3.

In some ways, the launch day bugs that Mass Effect 3 is encountering are similar to the launch problems experienced by last year's big, complex RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, by Bethesda.