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Xbox Live currently down for some Xbox One owners (Update: It's back up!)

Xbox One
Xbox One

Today around 6:00 PM, Xbox Live has been hit with some minor issues. Xbox One owners are the only ones to suffer during the outage, and Microsoft is hard at work on a fix in the meantime. This is supposedly the second Xbox Live outage in the last few weeks, so hopefully everything at Microsoft is okay.

Luckily, Xbox 360 owners still have full access to Xbox Live. As of right now, Xbox 360 owners have the upper-hand when it comes to 8th generation video game consoles. On the rather positive side, the Xbox One recently had a price drop from $499 to $399. The price drop helped the Xbox One capture some impressive sales. Microsoft ditching the Kinect requirement for the system is one of the smartest things they've done in a long time.

A little over 2 hours later and Xbox Live is still out. Something bigger may be at hand here, so hopefully Microsoft discovers some kind of fix as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, it's a great time right now to own an Xbox 360 instead of an Xbox One. This is because of the stable network, the catalog of games, and experience that developers already have with the system. Xbox 360 is going to continue to receive support for a long time, so maybe we'll finally see a system that outsells the Playstation 2 from Sony. Xbox One, on the other hand, is heading in the right direction and sales might even surpass the 360 with time.

Update: As on 8:25 PM, Xbox Live is back in full force!