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Xbox Live Bans 1 Million Subscribers

Microsoft Xbox Live

I think that I speak for most gamers when I say it is about time that Microsoft takes a stand against those gamers that have decided that they are too good to pay for games.  I have probably spent thousands of dollars on game consoles and games over the years, and not one time have I looked for a way to cheat the system.  Of course, the situation I am referring to is the banning of Xbox Live accounts by Microsoft.  The video game manufacturer banned over 1 million accounts this past weekend, and has plans set in place to ban more if they find that consoles are playing pirated video games.  Over the last few days, I have heard a lot of these “gamers” come out and speak on the fact that their accounts got banned.  Most, if not all, of them feel as if Microsoft unfairly did this to them without warning.  There is really only one thing that can be said to these claims…Are you serious?  That is the argument you’re going to make when you are the one cheating?  I guess that you breaking the policy, that every person on Xbox Live has to agree too, gave them no right to take away your access to their product.  How can you justify this argument?


Let’s take a look at some of the more ridiculous things that some of these banned “gamers” have said:

  • “It’s like telling someone their dog just died”

  • “Its scary idea that a company that sold you an item can change the way that item works.”
  • “The console should be under the control of the purchaser not the manufacturer.”
  • “How much will people allow their freedom to be remote controlled.”

These guys are idiots, plain and simple.  Who in their right mind thinks that this argument has any legs to stand on?  What this tells me is that people have become very ignorant when it comes to how business works and what their “freedoms” actually entail.  Your freedoms do not give you the right to steal from a corporation, whether you purchased a product from them or not.  That would be like purchasing your cable box and then stealing cable.  You’re going to get caught and when you do there will be penalties.  Just like when you signed up for Xbox Live and agreed to the terms and conditions you waived your right to complain.  I have a solution, someone tell me if this is completely off the wall, but how about instead of worrying about your account being banned…DON’T CHEAT!!!  As to the comment about the product should be under the control of the purchaser and not the manufacturer, I bet these are the same people that complained when they got the “ring of death” and Microsoft would not doing anything about it.  No matter how you look at the situation the only one thing that is true is that these “gamers” cheated and got caught.  Quit your crying and whining and pay to play the game, just like the rest of us do every month.

Personally, I am overly enjoying the fact that millions of these so called “modders” are having there accounts ban.  I have wanted this to happen every time I log in and see someone playing a game that doesn’t come out for another month.  It is really a slap in the face to all of the people that spend their hard earned money to purchase these games and people like this are just stealing the fun out of it.  I have no sympathy for these people that got their accounts ban.  I think that Microsoft has begun to take a step in the right direction in combating this epidemic that is causing a drain on a very great product.  Let us not lose focus, this is a great service that is provided “for” us, not provide “by” us.  This means that in order for us keep these services, we need these things to happen.

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  • Mirror 5 years ago

    lol. I don't know which is more pretentious (don't worry you can google it) your hilarious pic with raised eyebrow or your "Holier than thou" article.

    Maybe when you move out from your parents house you'll understand that spending thousands on games is a lot of money. I mean you could spend that on a date with your girlfr.... (pause)... oops sorry, never mind.


  • getaclue 5 years ago

    Mirror, if you can't afford it, don't play. It's that simple. I would like to drive a Ferrari, but since I can't afford it, its morally ok to steal one? The priating of games just makes it more expensive for the people who do pay. The fact that you are indignant about it make you not only an idiot, but a complete jerk who obviously has no sense of what is right and what is wrong. I pity you. By the way, "pretentious" is not an impressive word and only your 13 year old friends would need to look it up.

  • Eat.A.Dick.Mirror 5 years ago

    Mirror, brilliant reasoning/logic behind your post. Good to see you actually had some kind of thought process about the article. Read the Microsoft ToS. They reserve the right to do whatever they want with XBoX Live Gamer tags. You play a game on live, you're on Microsoft's servers. If your dumbass wants to download games and get away with it, don't sign on XBox Live with a pirated version and expect Microsoft not to notice.

    The name you chose to hide who you really are was Mirror? Go die in a fire and keep your trolling to your Hello Kitty Island Adventure forums tool.

  • Trey Anastasio 5 years ago

    Eat.a.dick. is right. Our ToS is quite similar. When you are at our show at US Bank Arena, we reserve the right to melt your face clean off your head.

  • Pablo 5 years ago

    I totally agree with this article. It's the same thing as ripping dvd's and passing them around. Sure free is nicer than paying for it, but the copyright laws and paying for stuff makes it so that more quality content comes out. It gives people an incentive and reward to make good games, movies, books, music, etc.

  • Rebel 5 years ago

    Ok so I’m not going to lie, if I could mod my xbox I would. I'm cheap, big deal. You did rip modders pretty especially when there is a way to get pretty much any video/game/cd/etc for free over the internet now-a-days, but I don't disagree with what Microsoft did. It's a business, deal with it. If I owned Microsoft and I realized people were modding to get free games it would have been the first thing I took care of too. The comparison to "red ring of death" is way off though. I am a firm believer that Microsoft should fix or replace these systems for free, the reason, is because if you remember, way back when xbox 360 first came out it was guaranteed bug free. Guess what it wasn't, so therefore Microsoft should have to cover their guarantee.

  • Billy 5 years ago

    people actually play games online that aren't even out yet? Wow, That's pretty damn stupid! Talk about wavin' a red "Ban Me" flag. Maybe if people stopped pirating I wouldn't have to pay 60 bucks for a friggin' game.

  • Mirror's son 5 years ago

    The only thing more pathetic than the author's photo (it was great the first time I saw the "raised eyebrow" when the rock did it!) is that you make comments on your own article. Truly pathetic.

    Back to the point though. I'm on my 3rd xbox which will also be my last. I had 7 months left on my warranty of my xbox when I got the RROD. Microsoft was nice enough to give me a, yep you guessed it, USED/REPAIRED/REFURBISHED piece of garbage. They then gave me a, is anyone surprised, 3 month warranty on my "new" xbox. Even though I had 6 1/2 months warranty left on my original xbox. Can anyone smell what's coming? Yep you guessed it again, my xbox died after 4 months.... again. You can find this type of story all over the internet.

    Microsoft wonders why people mod etc...? The above is your answer. I've given them enough $$$.

    What do you think of that? (Mysteriously raised eyebrow face)

  • Eat.A.Dick.Mirror's.Son 5 years ago

    1. If you tilt your retarded head to the right about 30 degrees you'll notice his eyebrows are even; not raised.

    2. If you'd get your Dad's cock out of your throat long enough to get a job, you wouldn't need to bitch and moan about paying for a game.

    3. This site doesn't allow authors to comment on their own articles. You must have missed that memo but it's okay. You're clearly a retard; we wouldn't expect any less.

  • M3RC 007 5 years ago

    Speaking of pathetic, there is few things that I noticed to be very pathetic in this article. That is the fact that one idiot posted a ridiculous comment about not being able to spend thousands of dollars on games and not living in his parents basement. In my experience, the people that usually try and call someone out about their life situations are usually a lot worse off. The next pathetic thing is the fact that another idiot would not only use the first idiot's name in his, but also post another stupid comment about how Microsoft cheated him. The thing I say to that is that maybe you should calm down with the gaming son. I mean damn I have had the same Xbox since they were released and have had no problems. But, then again I am not sitting on my game for 14 hours at a time. So, maybe instead of being really "interested" in this writer's picture, which by the way has nothing to do with the article, you may want reassess your situation in life.

  • Trey again 5 years ago

    We play at US Bank Arena. Twice. This week. Instead of being an idiot and defending people who cheated and broke the law, why not come to the show if you can handle my intergalactic space guitar.

  • Reflector 5 years ago

    "This site doesn't allow authors to comment on their own articles."

    I'm sure it would be EXTREMELY difficult to pull off for this genius author.

    "If you tilt your retarded head to the right about 30 degrees you'll notice his eyebrows are even; not raised."

    If a rat had wings it would be a pigeon but that doesn't mean a rat IS a pigeon sir. NEXT

    P.S: His right eyebrow is DEFINITELY higher than his left. Can we take a vote please? I'll be the first. Vote +1 for Unibrow being raised on right side.

    Finally, I take it back. There is NOTHING more pathetic than having your online friends defend your article. Not even border line down syndrome raised eyebrows. PS: We can tell because the comments are 2 minutes apart. DANNY = GENIUS

    Maybe I'll become an examiner. It obviously doesn't require much. A couple eyebrows and a keyboard it seems.

    GOOD NIGHT. Your done.

  • Chris T. 5 years ago

    That is an amazing post reflector. I especially love the improper use of the English language. I am of course talking about your ignorant use of the word your, when clearly you meant YOU'RE! Speaking of down syndrome...IDIOT!!!

  • My done is what? 5 years ago

    You're^ done - go back to high school retard.

  • Brandon 5 years ago

    Way to look like a 'tard Reflector!! LMFAO!!

  • Sunburst 5 years ago

    lol... Do you guys do EVERYTHING in three's? It's nice that you stick up for you're(LOL) friend. If you spent half as much time trying to impress women you wouldn't be virgins anymore. NEWBS.. YEAHAYAYAAA