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Xbox 720 will certainly be featuring Watch Dogs at launch

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"Watch Dogs" was one of the titles that stole the show at E3 this past June and as soon as its demo was over, it had people thinking next-generation consoles, and given what we know about both topics, the Xbox 720 is setting up to debut with "Watch Dogs" in the fall of 2013.

According to a video report from Shack News on Friday, new game footage and discussion regarding the title was released, and nothing that was show was any less amazing than what people saw in Los Angeles this past June.

The video was used as a tool to help recruit some developers for the game, but it also served as a vessel for getting more footage and information out about the game.

For those who have not had the chance to see gameplay footage of this title, it is absolutely breath taking and it certainly looks like next-generation quality.

Ubisoft has not given a specific release date for this game, but many are expecting it to debut toward the end of 2013, which is when the next Xbox is expected to debut.

The graphics the gameplay sports are much better than any current generation console and sources suggest that they have been executed on high-end PC's.

Current systems could not generate visuals like the ones seen in the video from "Watch Dogs."

Only a next-generation system will be capable of presenting such a detailed and wondrous world.

This is shaping up to be a launch title for the new system and if it is; "Watch Dogs" is going to be a "can't miss game."

We will find out more about "Watch Dogs" and the Xbox 720, most likely around the same time because when the system is announced launch games will follow.

Do you want "Watch Dogs" to be a next-generation launch title?