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Xbox 720 debut & top game releases ensure gaming isn't injured by negative press

Gaming looks like it will not be injured by negative press.
Gaming looks like it will not be injured by negative press.

There have been some major questions as to whether or not there will be some after effect on the gaming industry due to the events in Connecticut last week, but one industry analyst says there is too much strong content and new releases coming next year to bring down the industry's success.

According to a report from VG24/7 on Friday, Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz said there will not be any further regulations placed on the gaming industry and the upcoming lineup of new games and next-generation consoles is too overwhelming to be brought down by negative press.

"We believe that any new attempts to regulate video game sales would be quickly struck down by the courts based on this precedent.

"While these concerns are understandable–particularly given the currently emotionally charged environment–we think video game shares are now pricing in much more risk to their business models than actually exists.

"As a result, we think the group now generally represents a buying opportunity ahead of what should be a strong year for the industry in 2013 due to a loaded first half release slate and the likely launch of new Microsoft and Sony game consoles in the back half of the year," Creutz said.

The first half of 2013 he is referring to is a murder's row of AAA titles and top-notch gaming that gamers will be able to get their hands on starting in February.

Some of the major titles coming to systems during the first half of the new year are games such as: "Grand Theft Auto V," "Metro: Last Light," "Animal Crossing: New Leaf," "Star Trek," "Grid 2," "South Park: The Stick of Truth," "The Last of Us," "Remember Me," "Pikmin 3" and "Rome 2: Total War."

In addition to these titles, there are plenty more games coming such as: "The Elder Scrolls Online," "Lost Planet 3," "Arma 3," "Fortnite," "Rainbow Six Patriots," "Star Wars 1313," "Killzone: Mercenary," "Dark Souls II," "Bayonetta 2," "Beyond: Two Souls" and "Watch Dogs."

Those are just a few of the top titles that will be coming during 2013, and not only that, there is this gaming console that has been discussed a little bit.

The Xbox 720 is scheduled to be debuting this coming Fall of 2013, with an announcement unveiling the new system coming during the first handful of months at the start of next year.

The tragedy of last week was horrific and no words can temper people's feelings about the matter.

However, much of the criticism and blame that has arisen since then has largely been placed on the video games industry.

Time political columnist Joe Klein said people who create video games containing violent content should be treated the same as pornographers are.

"We not only have a Second Amendment in this country, we also have a First Amendment that protects Sylvester Stallone's right to fire thousands of bullets in any given movie.

"What we need to do in this society is treat people who create violent movies and violent video games with the same degree of respect we accord pornographers.

"They need to be shunned," Klein said.

Then a new bill was going to be proposed by U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller that if passed, would have the National Academy of Sciences perform thorough research on the effect of violent video games and other violent media on younger minds.

Rockefeller wrote a statement regarding the bill.

"Major corporations, including the video game industry, make billions on marketing and selling violent content to children.

"They have a responsibility to protect our children. If they do not, you can count on the Congress to take a more aggressive role.

"With respect to violent video games, NAS must look at whether current or emerging aspects of games, like their interactive nature and the personal and vivid way violence is portrayed, have a unique impact on kids.

"Changes in technology now allow kids to access violent content online with less parental involvement. It is time for these two agencies to take a fresh look at these issues," Rockefeller said.

As damning as some of this seems, there is a long, long way for politicians to go if they hope to institute any sort of regulations on the gaming industry.

Quite frankly with the results of the Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association case that unfolded last year, it will be extremely for any court to place regulations on video game content since it is protected under the First Amendment and there is already a precedent in place.

The gaming industry may be releasing a surplus of violent and "M for Mature" rated games lately, but there is still little any court or politician will be able to do about it.

Despite all of the negative press the industry has been receiving lately, 2013 is going to be one of the biggest years in gaming and could produce sales records that haven't been seen since the start of the last generation.

Xbox 720 along with the games that precede and follow it, will deliver one of the industry's best years on record.


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