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Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 as the gamer's console.


The Fight continues to determine which console will win this gen's war.

Countless blogs and gaming news sites have gloated about how the intent to purchase sequels such as Modern Warfare 2, and Assassin's Creed 2, would be greater on the PS3 than the Xbox 360, stating 'Consoles turn to PS3 for sequels.'

That assumption was incorrect. According to NPD Group, Assassin's Creed 2 for Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 version by 346,000 units last month, and Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 outsold the PS3's version by 2.33 million units. That's 2,330,000 more copies than the PS3. It's a 2:1 ratio for any that are wondering. So, if you're looking for a sizeable number of people to play with, purchase Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360. Microsoft is also combating cheaters and glitchers, something that Playstation's Network is not doing.

For the biggest news, NPD reported that the PS3 did not outsell the Xbox 360 this November. It was beaten by 109,100 units. That includes the Black Friday sales. These statistics show that while the PS3's sales have improved due to that price drop, they still aren't on par with Microsoft's machine.

The Xbox 360 sold 819,500 units for the month of November whereas the PS3 sold 710,400.

Sony was quick to brag about their Black Friday sales, and Microsoft kept mum about it. We see now that they kept quiet because they knew they'd beaten them in the overall month. Two months ago when the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 for the first time in years, Microsoft executives were quoted to say that they were in it for the long run, and unconcerned with Sony's minor lead. Apparently, they really werent.


  • Martin 5 years ago

    Your articles are to be taken with a grain of salt; you are an obvious fanboy. You have to remember that the 360 has a $199 model which could explain the additional surge of xbox purchases. Even at that, the tide is turning buddy. The holidays are not here yet. Black friday is a big day, but christmas shopping is far from over. Everyone i know is buying a ps3. As far as xbox goes, i can assure you that anyone can find it on craigslist for under $100. They depreciate faster than sh%@ wrapped with foil paper.

  • qnitro 5 years ago

    This is an obvious fanboy.

  • thermonuclearfox 5 years ago

    The quality of the players on the playstation network is really lame... like shooting rats in a barrel. It's like they're playing once twice a week and watching movies the rest of the time.

  • Klatu 5 years ago

    Already with the trolls. Its not a fanboy article, its numbers. Numbers are not biased, and do not exaggerate. That said the xbox version of MW2, while they are combatting cheaters/glitchers, does not keep people from doing it altogether. I have been "javelin glitched" at least three or four times every day since launch. Although they do say a patch is in the works, and those caught cheating will be booted for a day, repeat offenders for up to 2 weeks. I have a PS3 as well, and a dusty Wii, and the only games on PS3 I even play anymore is Drakes2, and Im replaying Killzone2 between MW2 sessions (on 360). Also, my 360 outputs at 1080p, unlike the PS3 which outputs at 720p. This is REALLY odd, considering the PS3 has a Bluray drive thats natively 1080, but compressed to 720 at output. This is why I got MW2 for my 360 rather than PS3. It looks a bit crisper on the Bravia.

  • Josh 5 years ago

    It's funny how everyone keeps claiming that the 360 just got an early lead and the ps3 is about to overtake it at any time. Yet, month after month (with the exception of a few months where sony dropped price and updated the system) the xbox keeps selling more. The bad thing is, that with a blueray player and built in wi-fi the ps3 really is a better deal hardware wise. I think it really boils down to the online experience. Everyone i know with a ps3 only plays online once and a while (if at all), while those with a 360 are online all the time.

  • Ed 5 years ago

    I love how the Xbox fans like to pretend that consoles only sell in North America. In north America there was a tiny 360 lead for the month (though in recent weeks the PS3 has gone a great deal ahead. Without the 100k or so Walmart sold by knocking down the 360's price to 99 bucks via gift card the PS3 would have won).

    Regardless though it isn't even close worldwide. Worldwide last week (via the Wii sold 1,000,000; the PS3 sold around 800k and the 360 didn't even break 500k. That means the Wii sold twice as many consoles as the 360 and the PS3 almost did as well.

    Additionally a sale in the US is worth less then one in other countries due to the weak dollar, so Sony is strong where the money is. The same thing applies to software sales. In the US the 360 sells more games, but overall the PS3 sells more at higher prices due to dominance in Europe. A good example? Fifa 10 has sold 30% more on the PS3, mainly in Europe where the money is worth more.

  • Grooveraider 5 years ago

    Let's be HONEST here. The reasons 360 sells more is because of the $199 price and its a faulty console. How many 360s have you had to replace since the 2005 launch ??? Microsoft still hasn't fixed the RROD and the ERROR 74 glitch. Microsoft offers you some warranty deal but some folks are too impatient for it so they go out and buy another brand new faulty 360. Microsoft has worked this practice to a science since their WINDOWS OS. You know your product is faulty but they'll buy it regardless. I swear, people are just whores for corporations to take advantage of.

  • Firefox 5 years ago

    Buy Xbox 360 people! You'll spend more time sending it for repair. Happy Gaming!

  • Chris 5 years ago

    There's already a bunch of raging PS3 fanboys here, it seems. Are you guys mad he's posting factual numbers 360 has over PS3, DESPITE the relaunch of the console (Slim), major price drop and massive, massive advertising (millions spent)?

    Notice Microsoft doesn't seem to care much and has stated numorous times they're letting Sony have a little time to shine right now. Now 2010.. WOW for Microsoft. Natal is hyped to kingdom come with the public/casuals talking about it everywhere and major producers praising it to death (Kojima, etc), then you have the 360's inevitable "relaunch" with the, what was it, codename Xbox 360 plus? Then you probably have a minor price drop to go with massive advertising on these things and then the games. Halo:Reach = biggest Halo game to date with the best story of all the novels. This isn't ODST using a 2007 engine being made in 1 year. Then you have Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell, Alan Wake etc, not counting obvious unannounced games.

    Watch the tears f

  • Chris 5 years ago


  • pikachu 5 years ago

    The PS3 is still selling ok for now, but the playstation franchise is doomed. Sony lived for two generations on hype and massive BS. Remember how the PS2 was supposedly five times more powerful than a gigahertz pentium when it came out (and I believed it too but I was only 8) Then microsoft came along with a low-end PC xbox and blew it's ass out of the water with performance. Then all the hype around the PS3 - supercomputer on a chip - blah, blah, blah. I haven't heard anybody mention the cell for a while. Sony will lose so much money hawking their over-priced trash this generation that they're gonna run out of money. Next gen I see a competitive xbox vs nintendo two horse race.

  • bull 5 years ago

    The only reason for the xbox 360 surge in sales is because they keep breaking down (I've gone through 2 systems and everyone else I know have gone through a few) and because thousands of modders got banned from Live. Out of all those systems claimed to be sold, the real numbers should be in how many of those xbox 360 are actually working consoles in a home???

  • greg 5 years ago

    PS3 fanboys still clinging on to RROD excuse? Get with the times, RROD now is less than 4% and almost impossible on newer models. Xbox 360 has fallen in line with other electronic failure rates (about time) and you'll only find RROD on old models (or old refirbished ones). I hear more about PS3 YLOD now on select PS3 forums.

    You can tell a clueless fanboy when he mentions RROD still.

  • Daniel Arrey (The Author) 5 years ago

    Martin: Everyone of my articles is backed by numbers and facts.
    Qnitro: That's all you can say to dispute the facts put in front of you?
    Thermonuclearfox: I agree.
    Klatu: Thank you for your input, it's valued and I think the HD outputs will be the subject of my next article.
    Josh: Agreed. That's how it is with my friends as well.
    Ed: Wal-mart didn't have tons upon tons of those systems for sale. And where do you get your information? You said worldwide the Xbox 360 didn't break 500k in sales? Excuse me? They broke that in the United States and then some. And no, a sale in the U.S. is not worth less than in other countries, a sale is a sale. A unit shipped is a unit shipped. And who cares about FIFA 10? You are a european gamer who is reading an American website.
    Grooveraider: Where are your facts? I haven't had to have my console replaced. Repaired yes, but the RRoD or Error 74 is no longer that big of a deal due to the three year warranty Microsoft put in place to fix that. So

  • Daniel Arrey (The Author) 5 years ago

    Sony doesn't do that for the YLoD. And the failure rate for new Xbox 360s is less than 4%, a total of 8% less than that of the PS3 Slim.
    Firefox: You should be a comedian!
    Chris: You are absolutely right ;)
    Pikachu: Sony has a history of overhyping their equipment, I have an article that displays the difference in power between the two consoles.
    Bull: You've gone through 2 systems? Literally bought 2? Why didn't you just have your first one repaired like the other 99.5% of Microsoft's customers that experience issues?
    Greg: Well said.

  • Jason 5 years ago

    I personally think it's not fair to compare 360 and PS3 in terms of sales such that the 360 was released before.It has to be taken into consideration that at first more people had the Xbox and this in turn encouraged more people to buy it because of online play even after PS3 was released.So there was a build up of sales for a long period.PS3 shot itself in the foot when they sold $500 and could never match the sales because of this.Competition will be fair if you minus 1 year's sales for the 360.

  • Daniel Arrey (The Author) 5 years ago

    Jason- You have to seriously consider what you're saying. You're saying that the MILLIONS of consoles that Microsoft leads sony by was established in the first YEAR that it was out? And that Microsoft has continued to outsell Sony year after year since it's release? I'm sorry. There's no equal competition. Sony shoots itself in the foot every time they open their mouth for the reason that they have the tendency to overhype their products.

    First, Resistance was an Xbox killer. Then so was Resistance 2. Then Killzone 2. Then Infamous. Sony Execs all said that 'people will want to play this game so badly, they will all go out to get a ps3.' sorry, it's just like prototype and not that great. Then, Uncharted 2 was supposed to be an Xbox killer. Sorry. Not happening dude. The PS3 was supposed to have better grahpics, and that point, to put it softly has been proven false.

  • Temi 5 years ago

    how can the failure rate for the NEW 360 be 4% when its NEW? I.e. they haven't had enough time to fail for most ppl. Wait a year or 2, the fact it already has a 4% rate is not in its favor at all.

    The 360 sales you are seeing are US alone arent they? Total sales year on year are in PS3s favor I think. The 1 year headstart accounts for the majority of the sales lead.

  • Temi 5 years ago

    btw "So, if you're looking for a sizeable number of people to play with, purchase Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360."

    Stupid statement of the day. So the over 4 million buyers of the ps3 version are not sizable?

    Everyone forgets the mw2 bundle.

  • b 5 years ago

    Temi, you look real stupid right now. Jasper chip models are the newest 360's and have been out since 2008. It's 2010. Wait a year or two? LOL!

    Also imagine if the Valhalla chipset comes out this year.. it'll go from 4% to less than 1%.

  • Daniel Arrey (The Author) 5 years ago

    Temi- Don't be obtuse. The Xbox sold that many. Not the Playstation.

  • Bull 5 years ago

    Daniel I did go through 2 systems. I sent my launch one for repairs when I got the lights, received a refurbished system and 3 months later got the same RROD. So I bought a new Arcade one, lasted for 7 months and got the same. Sold it online and bought a PS3 Slim.
    Greg - If I was a PS3 fanboy, then I would have never bought even 1 Xbox 360 console in the first place. If Microsoft had taken their time to test the system even more, then I would have not become a 360 hater. 2 fingers up for microsoft and they are not my thumbs!!

  • Bull 5 years ago

    How many new chips does MS have to come up with to try and get the total percentage of failed consoles down to 3% now?? First the Falcon, then the Jasper, what's next after "coming to an xbox near you Valhalla" is released?? Fable 2 Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 are awesome games I miss playing, but I'd rather not have a console that makes me think twice about turning it on with fears it might not turn on at all...