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Xbox 360 Kinect demoed on Jimmy Fallon with iCarly

Xbox 360 Kinect on Jimmy Fallon Live with iCarly
Kudo Tsunoda and Miranda Cosgrove playing Kinect Adventures

Jimmy Fallon has garnered some attention from gamers in part because he is the first talk show host to consistently bring gaming related guest on to his show whether they be developers or industry people.  He's dedicating this entire week to games and kicked off the first night by bringing Microsoft developer Kudo Tsunoda and the new Kinect camera controller along with some games for the Xbox 360.  Oh, and Miranda Cosgrove from Nickelodeon's iCarly was on hand to play as well.

Two Kinect games were demonstrated during the six minute segment including Kinect Adventures and a hurdle event from Kinect Sports.  Cosgrove was the first one to play with Tsunoda and while she said, "this is so cool" a couple of problems were apparent during her time with the river rafting game.  There appeared to be some sort of calibration issue as avatar's arms were moving spastically on their own with no movement from her.  There was also noticeable lag from when the two players jumped and then their on-screen counterparts did as well. 

The lag was less noticeable during Fallon's turn at the Kinect sports hurdle event but it was still there as well. 

Microsoft's Kinect and eleven Kinect games for the Xbox 360 will launch on November 4, 2010.  The five month period should hopefully give the developer enough time to tighten up some of the issues seen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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