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Xander Demos XDB set to open for Stryper in Pitts

The guitar virtuoso Xander Demos and his band will be opening for Stryper on June 12th, at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, PA.

First photo is Xander.  The rest are Stryper
First photo is Xander. The rest are Stryper
The band Stryper
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Stryper is touring and showcasing some of their great songs from the “No More Hell to Pay,” CD that they released last November. If you haven’t purchased a copy of this album, you really need to check it out at iTunes, Amazon or directly from the Stryper website listed below.

XDB which is the Xander Demos Band is the opening act for Stryper on June 12th, 2014. Xander Demos who is the lead guitar player is a kick butt guitarist with the soul of a pirate prize fighter. His fierce passion and expertise are demonstrated in his playing. This is going to be a phenomenal show.

To buy tickets for this show, go to: or directly at the venue website at:
For more on Stryper visit:

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