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Xander Demos and his talking guitar opening for the band Stryper

Nashville, TN

Photos of Xander Demos
Photos of Xander Demos
2014 Xander
Xander Demos
2014 Xander Demos

I had the opportunity to speak with Xander Demos the other day and after hearing his CD, “Guitarcadia,” I really appreciated the chance to talk to him. After hearing him play, I do believe this man was born with a guitar in his hands. I talked to Xander about his guitar playing, his upcoming projects with his band XDB, his solo career and opening for Stryper. It went like this.

Q Are you currently living in Pittsburgh?

A Yes I am.

Q You are going to be opening for Stryper soon I heard?

A Yes, June 12th.

Q Have you ever opened for them before?

A No. I’ve never opened for them. I have been a big fan of theirs for years so I am looking forward to it. Robert actually gave me one of the best compliments any rock star as ever given me about my playing so I thought that was kind of cool.

Q Michael Sweet's brother?

A Yes, Robert Sweet.

Q Oh, Michael’s brother.

A Michael’s brother yeah. We had played a show where they were the headliners and we got to talk music and it was pretty cool. I actually got to talk pretty heavily with Robert Sweet at the NAMM show and like I said, he gave me a pretty great compliment. He is such a cool guy.

Q Is that how you booked this gig?

A No, that came locally here in Pittsburgh from one of the promoters that we work with and they figured they are bringing Stryper to a really nice club so it should have a pretty good response. They booked us because our music is pretty much in line with—not so much the Christian Rock thing but just like the style. That real melodic style of metal and stuff, you know?

Q Right, okay. That makes sense. They want the audience to enjoy everybody that’s playing.

A Right. Right.

Q Dude, I listened to your CD and I love it. You Rock.

A Thank you. Thank you, it is always great to hear that somebody likes what I am doing.

Q I really like how you covered Lady in Red and used your lead guitar as the voice/vocalist.

A Great!!

Q Are you currently in the studio?

A Yes, we are in the studio as a band recording and I am also recording another solo CD.

Q Wow, you sure are busy.

A Yes, I am.

We talked about music, how it has evolved and the things Xander wants to do in the future musically. XDB will be opening for Stryper on June 12, 2014 at the Altar Bar, 1620 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. You can buy tickets here. Find out more about Xander by clicking on his name.

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