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X-Zone producer calls paranormal stories 'unsubstantiated'

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Despite the X-Zone being a program to discuss all things paranormal, producer and host, Rob McConnell of Hamilton, Ontario says that in the 20 years he has been on their air, “I have yet to see conclusive proof that the paranormal does truly exist.”

Well, I have to say I am dumbfounded by his words, especially since I have had quite a number of paranormal experiences in my life and have also been a guest on his show to talk about them. He claims that people like me “spin some very interesting yarns but at the end of the day – they have no proof.”

“I have spoken to people around the world who claim to have individual experiences with ghosts, demonic possession, angels, UFOs, Bigfoot, alien abductions, alien encounters, messages from beyond the grave, all without any physical evidence to substantiate their claims, he said.”

If that’s not enough to get paranormal experiencers riled up, he adds the following: “Personally, I find is appalling the television producers of the new genre of paranormal TV shows are actually trying their very best to pass what they are putting on air as real, and that they have even stooped low enough to start prostituting children in paranormal programming to get ratings.”

That last dig is likely toward such folks as Chip Coffey, who has appeared on Paranormal State and had his own show, Psychic Kids in which he helped children who were open to paranormal activity understand what they were seeing and feeling.

As far as ghost sightings go, I have seen spirits both at night and during the day. However, McConnell states, “If the so called ghosts or spirits were real, they would not have to be seen only at night, they would also be visible during the day.”

Well, they are! And I have even captured a photo or two of people who have passed over and were not visible in the room when taken. I suppose that for a less than inquiring mind, this would not serve as proof either.

He also attributes ALL orbs to “airborne particles of dust or moister caught by the electronic flash.” Personally, I know that this is true in many cases. However, when it only happens if a person is at a known haunted location, one has to wonder if it might really be authentic.

As well, he slams EVP (electronic voice phenomena), which are voices caught on tape that a person present might not hear. McConnell states that EVPs “have not proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are voices form beyond this realm of reality.”

McConnell further states: “The only reason that the paranormal is real to some people, is because they believe it to be.”

In my own research into the paranormal, I have found that the majority of people were more than a little surprised when they had their first experience and in some of those cases, had even laughed at others who believed in such things.

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