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X-rays showed dog had eaten 43 1/2 socks

According to Fox News on Thursday, a mystery has been solved about what happened to a family's socks. A 3-year-old Great Dane belonging to a family in Portland, Oregon had been eating them. After the dog wasn't feel and began retching, its owner rushed the dog to a northwest Portland emergency animal hospital.

After x-rays were taken, the doctor discovered the dog's stomach was full of something that should not have been there. The dog had eaten some socks. It was not just one or two socks. There were 43 1/2 socks in the stomach of the dog. The location of the other 1/2 sock is unknown.

Dr. Ashley Magee performed surgery on the dog that took nearly two hours for the removal of all those socks. The Great Dane was discharged to go home a day after the surgery. As far as the dog is concern, the hospital believes it is doing well. Shawna Harch, spokeswoman at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital indicated that it was probably the strangest case in the hospital's history.

ABC News reported that this case was so strange that the hospital entered a contest called "They Ate WHAT?" sponsored by a vet magazine called Veterinary Practice News, and won a prize for the entry. If you think a dog eating 43 1/2 socks was stranger, the first prize winner of $1,500 was an animal hospital in Plano, Texas that had treat a frog that ate more than 30 small rocks from its cage.

Owners are warned to be careful about what their pets eat. After finding out about this situation, no doubt pet owners will watch their pets more closely so that this won't happen to their dog or other pets.

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