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X-ray gun: Weapon of the future? Gun can detect drugs and bombs to fight crime

An X-ray gun is a genuine weapon of the future, as police officers across the nation are soon said to have access to this futuristic scanner. The hi-tech gun is said to be able to detect a variety of possible threats, including other guns, illegal drugs, and even bombs. Best of all, shares Mashable in their inside report this Monday, June 30, this advanced technology can identify objects from a distance of several feet and in hidden locations.

A new X-ray gun is a high-tech weapon that can fight crime
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Although some parts of the device are still under development, the X-ray gun is nearing the end of its production stage. It was created by an American Science & Engineering Company team, and has been nicknamed the Mini Z (because it uses Z Backscatter technology, much like modern scanners do today at airports). The press release reveals that we humans have little to fear directly from these powerful weapons of the future, however.

The special X-ray beams emitted by these guns are not strong or concentrated enough to actually reach — or infiltrate — human skin or organic tissue in the same manner that a medical scanner can. They are primarily designed to “scatter off from surfaces” they touch, adds the press release, giving them a wider range to detect questionable objects like bombs or drugs. This includes contraband being hidden within or behind objects, be it a suitcase, backpack, or wall.

Now exactly how long does it take for contemporary science to build something valuable and complex as an X-ray gun? News Max shares that it took the engineering company a total of seven years to perfect the technology and effectively “shrink” it to the size of a handheld weapon. The Defense One blog has verified that the unique device weighs in as only a 9 pound weapon, further enhancing its usefulness. Talk about a new way to fight crime.

Due to its compact size and ease of carrying, researchers hope that the X-ray gun will be able to be used in mass numbers by police officers across the nation before long. The technologically advanced gun is also said to have the capabilities of scanning a variety of environments, both small and expansive. From finding drugs in the wall of a suspect’s home to scanning for bombs or guns in a vehicle, the weapons are multi-purpose to better detect all sorts of contraband.

However, at this time at least, the X-ray guns are not all-powerful. Their maximum detection rate is only several feet, which is an important factor when considering human safety and privacy. For example, because of the limited range of the scanning beams, police officers will still need to have a legal warrant before entering a residence.

An electronic tablet connected to the gun allows the X-ray tracker to pick up signals of potential objects in real-time, meaning that they can provide conclusive scans from various angles with only a single scan. One of the best features of this X-ray “weapon” of the future is that it necessitates almost no training, adds the press release.

AS&E CEO Chuck Dougherty confirmed that the Mini Z system is "a game-changer for law enforcement and border security officials who are constantly challenged to quickly and accurately detect potential threats in hard-to-reach environments."

The Mini Z backscatter will ultimately enable police officers to examine a number of organic materials, including money, drugs, weapons, or bombs. What do you think of this new X-ray gun? It seems this latest technological breakthrough may play an important role in helping police officers throughout the U.S. help fight crime in the not-so-distant future.

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