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X-ray gun: High-tech X-ray device makes searches easier, more efficient

A high-tech X-ray gun will be available soon to military and police to see through practically anything. The device is created by Technicians at American Science & Engineering. It's a whole different item elevating searches to an easier, but more efficient task.

Digital Journal reports June 30 that the X-ray item is called the MINI Z and it's been field tested. It will enable police officers to look over hidden car compartments without the need of taking a vehicle completely apart. The gun can scan tires, wings, and small sections of buildings.

Defense One published an article stating that they supplied material to "ensure the accuracy of the test." The source reports that at a recent demonstration, the X-ray gun "could see through boxes, bags, car seats and airplane wings to reveal various organic compounds — everything from bricks of simulated cocaine to paper, ammonia and other potentially explosive materials. Even a handful of grapes."

The military will benefit immensely from using the MINI Z at the nation's Pentagon. It's especially desirable because cost and portability are determining factors as well in making the X-ray gun great for security. It's also very light. The cost is $50,000, which the report points out is half the cost of a typical airport backscanner X-Ray. Some U.S. military personnel are already using the guns.

Another feature of this technological device is that it's simple to use. The operator can turn it on, shoot, and capture an image. It requires "almost no training," Defense One goes on to reveal in its report. This is said to be a good thing since foreign soldiers under the guidance of the U.S. military will be operating them. There are some countries where the U.S. is arming farmers and shepherds who don't speak English, but are able to scan cars for drugs, cash, and explosive items.

Though it doesn't require training, users must be instructed on how to use it safely. Radiation sickness or other health problems could be a problem if a careless user abuses it.

According to the report, the X-ray gun is not intended to be used on people. It's stressed that like other X-ray systems, this hand-held one has the same dangers. This invention is strictly designed to scan planes, buildings, and cars.

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