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X-Men's Newest Evolution!

Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews are setting out to bring some new style, and possibly new mutants, to the X-Men franchise. Andrews, one half of the new creative team on Astonishing X-Men recently interviewed with In his interview he said that in his six issue run (and his first interior since Spider-Man: Reign) the X-Men will seek out what they believe to be a new mutant strain in a foreign country.

The artist goes deeper with the following statement: "The story starts off with the X-Men investigating a possible new strain of mutants in the country of Mbangwi. I won’t tell you what is different about this strain but it opens up some questions. What is a mutant? What defines a mutant? Or what is simply mutant-like? Make sense? No? What happens when you have people that have mutant powers but don’t fit the mutant paradigm?"

Andrews also said that he wants to veer off from the traced and super realistic comic vixen poses and bodies borrowed from popular models. Affirming that he likes to make every craft unique, it is clear with the initial artwork that has been reveled that Kaare is quite serious, and quite good, at original takes on popular characters. Combined with Warren Ellis's exceptional skill this book will be sure to gain some well deserved sales this May.