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X-Men Origins Wolverine review without the spoilers


No adamantium, but the butter knife may hurt...sorta.

If you want revealed plot details of the movie, read the spoilers review.

As you know, this is the prequel to the X-Men trilogy.  We are taken through the life of James "Wolverine" Howlett played once again by Hugh Jackman.  Wolvie and his brother, Victor, are united through a difficult moment and both are side by side for the most part.  We are able to get an idea of exactly how old he really is(which is quite old) and how he would end up with Weapon X and his adamantium skeleton.  William Stryker(Danny Huston) recruits these mutants to complete certain government assignments.  As the team continues on, you start to see Wolverine's split from the group as he tries to salvage his life.  As the group sours, so does the brother's bond and they become enemies.  Eventually, the big climatic conclusion ties up the movie into the X-Men series or even another sequel.

We get doses of fellow Weapon X members John Wraith played by, Blob played by Kevin Durand,  Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds, Agent Zero played by Daniel Henney, Bolt played by Dominic Monaghan, and Sabretooth/Victor Creed by Liev Schreiber.  Of course, the majority of time is with Sabretooth and Wolverine as both men battle one another through the film.  Many other mutants make an appearance such as Emma Frost, Scott Summers, Silver Fox, and the highly loved Gambit.  While some were oddly placed, you cannot help but be charmed by the Cajun Thief done well by Taylor Kitsch.

Characters such as Deadpool and Gambit made a better impact than the others.  It did feel like many characters did not get the chance to be fleshed out enough and were simply thrown in.  Gambit was great to see, but his backstory was weak.  Any character could have been put in his spot.  Scott Summers was thrown in for the sake of having X-Men ties.  Emma Frost was pretty random and had no significant role.  One certain character had the potential to be fantastic, but overall comes generic.  But it is always fun trying to figure out who's who.  Seeing lesser-known characters is always good to me.  Focusing on having too many famous faces is overwhelming and can add pressure to jumbling up too many stories.  X-Men Origins had a good pace to it.  There were plenty of action scenes, a decent mix of comedy, and a good amount of tradgedy.  Just when you think Wolverine may be okay, they throw you a curve ball.  You just feel sorry for the unlucky mutant.

Just like any movie adaptation, some things were changed for movie sake.  Some were not so bad, while others were just plain weird(especially near the end).  There was a cameo that brought a much deserved applause and you should stay after the credits for an interesting but not Nick Fury appearing type scene(and no, Sam Jack does not appear in the movie).

At the end, I thought X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not bad.  If you are going to judge this film based on the comics, don't bother going to see it.  It makes enough changes to anger anyone expecting it to be precise.  Besides, if you saw the previews, Logan volunteers for the Weapon X program.  Comic readers know that he was not that willing.  Anyway, the acting isn't terrible and the special effects were not too shabby.  The story was not bad and you will enjoy this movie.  It is no X-Men 2, but its also no Ghost Rider.  Go see it.

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