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'X-Men' franchise executive Drew Crevello joins the ranks of Warner Brothers

Erik Lehnsherr (Young Magneto), played by Michael Fassbender, wields his powers
Erik Lehnsherr (Young Magneto), played by Michael Fassbender, wields his powers
Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and Marvel Studios, used with permission

According to Comic Book News on Sunday, former 20th century fox executive joined the ranks of Warner Brother's senior production ranks. Drew Crevello, who was known for reviving "X-Men" franchise with "X-Men: First Class", has joined the studios as the Vice President of Production. He'll be working closely with producers, writers, and directors and will be attending his station working with all the films' development and production.

So it looks like Crevello has did a literal crossover to the competition and with the kind of experience he has for getting the show on the road and reviving the "X-Men" franchise with the younger counterparts of Professor Charles Xavier, played by James McAvoy, and Magento, as portrayed by Michael Fassbender, it looks if this new Warner Brothers executive overseer could likely look good for the DC Cinematic Universe.

President of production, Greg Silverman, made the announcement and cited Crevello as someone who is highly familiar with the "creative process." This will likely make him a great match for the crew at Warner Brothers.

"Drew has a long history of developing and guiding character-driven films of every genre, which makes him a great fit for our team. He's strategic, exceptionally bright and knows firsthand the challenges and rewards of the creative process" said Greg Silverman, president of Warner Bros. production."

Comments from fans mentioned this new "suit" could be the Kevin Feige of the DC Cinematic Universe. Accolades include Crevello having had run his own production company and was also was in upper management for Universal Pictures where he was in charge of the creative processes of movies like "Jarhead" and "Friday Night Lights."

Also, for two years he was a writer and following that he was an mergers and acquisitions attorney while in New York. The firm went by the name of Davis Polk & Wardwell. That being said, with someone with already first hand knowledge of comic book movies, this could even launch into great strategic planning for the Justice League universe.

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