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X Man has an OMG thrill at Cedar Point

Hugh Jackman at Wolverine Premier
Hugh Jackman at Wolverine Premier
wikipedia photo - Hugh Jackman

Actor Hugh Jackman, of X Man series fame, made his way to Cedar Point this week. The actor was spotted partaking a little summer fun atop of one of my favorite’s coasters Top Thrill Dragster.

What makes the ride so thrilling?

The race car theme coaster propels riders out of the starting gate at top steed. They are then quickly whisked to the top of the track. Somewhere within the 420 foot curved track above ground acceleration stops. That is when weight and momentum kicks in to hurl the race cars down the opposite side of the track. Not exactly a ride for the faint of heart but perfect for a Wolverine.

Top Thrill Dragster is only one of Cedar Point’s 17 coasters.

The Sandusky Park, known as Coaster Capital of the World, is a little over an hour’s drive from downtown Cleveland. Jackman joins the ranks of many celebrities spotted there this summer.