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X-Factor's boot campers and...the almost made its...Pt1

A recap of some of the singers of Fox's X-Factor moving on to boot camp

The group 4Shore is good, but when you're singing a song by Boyz II Men, you have to really come they did okay, but didn't wow me. They were smart though, singing a 1992 Grammy Award winning song (End of the Road) written by L.A. Reid, Darryl Simmons and Babyface and recorded by the AMAZING Contemporary R&B (aforementioned) group, knowing L.A. was a judge--could have been risky. However, Reid, seems impressed, so it turned out to be a good decision on their part. Honestly, back in the day, I had rewound that song constantly. I say rewound because back then we used cassette players, say it with me....CASSETTE TAPES...still have them. Dude, I just told my age huh?

2 Squar'd, on the other hand, rocked the stage, LOVED them. They have really great potentional. Nuff said.

The Anser
got good when the second singer picked up the slack and then the dude in the red beanie (cap) carried them home. Go SOLO beanie dude. I know you have friends and want to be loyal but if you go solo, make it happen, then you can bring your boys on board.

I adored MaKenna and Brock, I think they did a great job, the harmonies were fab and I felt the 'unrequited' love from Brock when he sang with is **ahem** friend-slash-singing partner--slash could've been girlfirend, MaKenna. Actually, Brock's voice really stood out more to me and if they continue on as a team, I wonder...If they are separated in boot camp if he will go further solo?

Stay tuned for more X-Factor Boot Recaps!

X-Factor airs on Fox, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm C.S.T. Follow me on twitter @kankan929 for tweets during the show.

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