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X' ernona Woods: On keeping the youth economically savvy by understanding money

X'ernona Woods and Mayor Daley At The Spring Book Conference
X'ernona Woods and Mayor Daley At The Spring Book Conference
Photo courtesy of X'ernona Woods

In the words of X'ernona Woods "Save that penny for a sunny day," in order to enjoy life. Young, innovative and economically savvy X'ernona Woods, is determined to help parents and especially the youth to understand the significance of money and building wealth by saving and investing. According to X'ernona based on experience "It is only until one fully understands self that they are able to understand the importance of what they deserve," and X'ernona believes that she only deserves the best in life. As money doesn't bring happiness but knowing thyself and incorporating the "I Am" wisdom of self, an awakening of self responsible begins to open up a completely different world----the world of self responsibility. And X'ernona feels that money plays a major role in "The world," of self responsibility. X'ernona adds "The beginning of life starts with knowing yourself and from there you will begin to understand that you deserve to live life to the fullest."

At a very young age X'ernona was the heir of a very large estate and began her journey of economic education in order that she may understand the ins and outs of money. This was only the beginning of her journey, and X'ernona wants to share her experience with the world. Currently, X'ernona is the owner of her own business called XWoods Enterprise and she focuses on sharing wealth building secrets with the youth and their parents by giving workshops and seminars in schools all across the city of Chicago. X'ernona has also produced the stage performance "Save That Penny For A Sunny Day," for the youth throughout the city, acting out money situations that people go through on the everyday basis and uses her knowledge in economics in order for the audience to understand how to solve their financial problems. X'ernona's plan is to enrich the minds of the youth, by awakening their minds to a new thought process. X'ernona's very first pupil was her 11 year old son who X'ernona describes as "A Young Business Man." She sits back and watches the results as her young business man comes up with his own business plans and how to make and save money. Currently, X'ernona has taken on the challenge of spreading the great news of economic savvy throughout the city and plans to be posted in every school throughout the city of Chicago in order to share her wealth of knowledge to shift the mentalities of the youth from dependent to independent young entrepreneurs. X'ernona says "I love the idea of working on a blank canvas and working with the youth allows me to do so, as I introduce this wisdom, I am awakening the youth to the thought process of deservability and this is important for our youth."

As X'ernona shares her wealth of knowledge by way of seminars, workshops, stage productions, and her website, there is also a wealth building kit that she offers anyone who is looking to gain knowledge about saving and investing. If you would like to find out more information about building wealth in layman terms, so that it is easy to understand and helps you to "Save that penny for a sunny day," please contact X'ernona Woods at 1-800-514-3060 ext 1 or by emailing X'ernona at or by simply logging on to her website at and you will be able to get all of the information that you need in order to begin your journey of building wealth by saving and investing. X'ernona also reveals simple secrets in her wealthy building kit that can help change you and your child's life completely. X'ernona says that the kit is a priceless jewel for parents and the youth and one couldn't possible go wrong with purchasing the kit because it gives you everything that you need to know about building wealth by saving and investing. X'ernona adds, "You can have the smartest child in the world who is skilled in their craft/career, and they will probably make alot of money if they are good at what they do---but if they don't know how to handle their money they will only blow it, with out knowing the true significance of it." So if you would like to save your child the grief of unwanted debt, especially student loans contact X'ernona as soon as possible so that she could prepare you and your child for the future. X'ernona will provide you with the full knowledge that's needed in order that you may "Save that penny for a sunny day."

X'ernona Woods is currently working on a film titled "Cara's Last Word," which focuses on a young girl who turns her dreams into reality despite the odds that are stacked against her. This film will inspire the youth and adults to be aligned with the thought process of deservability, accountability, and responsibility. If you would like to donate to this educational film project please contact X'ernona Woods at 1-800-514-3060 ext 1.