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X episode 17: Wish

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This episode is almost entirely filler, which is disappointing as we are coming up to the last few episodes and things had been picking up steam.

There's quite a bit of talk about whether or not the future can be changed and the general consensus is that it can't be rewritten, even though it hasn't happened yet. Both dreamseers agree that things have been happening as they foretold and it doesn't look like that won't be changing any time soon.

We do get some insight into Kakyo's character as we learn that he wants to die and Fuma promises to do so. We also learn that he crossed dream paths with Hokuto. He seemed to grow fond of her as she promised to take him to see the world and broaden his horizons. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

From there, Kakyo visits Kamui in a dream and starts recapping the series. This is a mixed bag as on the one hand, we get to see Kotori again as well as Fuma in his original good hearted form. The downside is that we get a reminder that Kamui used to be a schmuck.

It's one of those situations where one character is telling another stuff that he or she already knows. Even Kamui asks why Kakyo is telling him all of this. It turns out that Kakyo wants to believe that the future can be changed and brings in the spirit of Kotori to encourage him.

It's a touching scene as she tries to alleviate Kamui of his guilt. She's taking her fate pretty well and asks Kamui to save her brother and change the future. It would have been a nice moment had Kamui already not resolved to do all of this a few episodes ago.

This episode was largely unnecessary and just felt like wheel spinning. If it had been a few months since I watched the last episode, the refresher would have been welcome, but I didn't really feel I needed it at this point. While it does allow us to revisit some of the show's highlights, nothing was really accomplished, which makes it feel like 20 minutes spent with nothing to show for it.

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