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Wyoming Governor Freudenthal succeeds at getting his wife a federal judgeship



We can assume the campaigning for Obama by Governor Dave Freudenthal has paid off, just this week his wife Nancy Freudenthal has moved through the hearings and is on her way to appointment as a U.S. District Court Judge.

This is Washington D.C. politics as usual. Senators Barrasso and Enzi have both approved of her appointment even though it doesn't sit well with most of their constituents.

This is a dark day for politics in Wyoming, while being the first women Federal Judge in our state it certainly would have been easier to celebrate if it wasn't such a case of NEPOTISM.

The Change coming out of Washington has made its way to Wyoming.

Contact Senator Barrasso

Contact Senator Enzi

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  • MamaLiberty 5 years ago

    Message sent to both senators... for whatever good that will do.

    This on top of the CCW brohaha should make Freudenthal give up any idea of running this year by trying to beat the term limits law. It should also be a key point for anyone running for governor to make - we don't need or want political dynasties in Wyoming.

    I borrowed it from a friend... couldn't think of anything better. :)

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