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Wyoming firing squad bill: State is keeping things as they are

Wyoming firing squad bill failed.
Wyoming firing squad bill failed.
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A Wyoming firing squad bill was rejected by the state's Senate. If passed, the bill would have allowed inmates facing capital punishment to be executed by firing squads, reported Feb. 11.

Wyoming is keeping things as they are. The state law has lethal injection as their form of execution..with the gas chamber as a "backup" method. Ironically, they do not have a gas chamber.

The Wyoming firing squad bill was sponsored by Republican state Sen. Bruce Burns. He said that it has been a problem for some states to get drugs for lethal injection. He mentioned that building a gas chamber might not be worth the expense for the rare executions Wyoming does have.

According to the report, the firing squad bill needed two-thirds of the senators' votes to be considered. It failed by 17 in favor and 13 opposed..

Wyoming has one inmate on death row. Dale Wayne Eaton is the only inmate on death row in Wyoming. He was convicted in 2004 for the rape and murder of 18-year-old Lisa Marie Kimmell...who was from Billings, Mont.

It is not shocking that the Wyoming firing squad bill failed. Many would protest that method of execution as being inhumane.

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