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Wyoming firing squad bill shot down: Falls short of the two-third votes needed

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The Wyoming firing squad bill was shot down today as the Wyoming Senate has decided on two distinct methods, other than a firing squad, that they will use when putting someone to death. The firing squad bill was introduced after the lethal injection, which is the first method of choice for the death penalty for Wyoming, was met with problems when obtaining the drugs needed to put a prisoner to death, according to MSN News on Feb. 12.

Protests from the makers of the drug, which is used for killing someone in a quick and painless manner, led to problems for the prison system. The makers would only sell to distributors who promised not to sell the drugs to prison systems in a protest against the death penalty.

While lethal injection is the method that the prison system will use, if the drugs become scarce then Wyoming has picked the gas chamber as a backup method. The suggestion of a firing squad was not something the Wyoming Senate was willing to go with.

The firing squad bill was sponsored by Senator Bruce Burns (R). He proposed this bill because the states were having trouble getting their hands on the lethal injection drugs. Tuesday's vote saw 17 in favor of adopting the firing squad in Wyoming and 13 opposed. The bill needed to have twos thirds of the vote to for it to be introduced.