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Wynwood Brewing Company part 1

Sometimes you just need an afternoon break to enjoy some beers. While most people work in the afternoons, on weekdays that is, service industry workers often have a weekday off and that includes an afternoon. Also nights filled with tending to other people, it does feel nice to be on the other side once in a while. Wynwood Brewing Co. opened several months ago, my wife and I found it after some cappuccinos at Panther Coffee one day. Since it was close to noon we took a spin down the block and found the brewery. We found the brewery and found the owner’s father, Pops, who let us knew the brewery opened at 2pm weekdays and noon on weekends, closed on Mondays. Since this was a weekday and out daughter gets out of school at 1:50 pm we would be back another day.
Finally the day arrived, my wife and I were off on the same day, and after picking up our daughter from school we headed up I-95 to the brewery.
Inside the Wynwood Brewery is wide-open room with table lining the wall and the center. Behind the bar is a big glass window that shows the brewing tanks and people working on the latest beers. We got there a little after 4pm and it was “Hoppy Hour,” weekdays 4pm to 6pm. We tested several beers while there.
Lupulado #1 is the first in a series of special brews, according to the web site, “Our Lupulado series is a set of beers that we brew with fresh wet hops. These hops are picked off the vine and overnighted to us from different farms and parts of the US. Hop harvest is usually during the month of September so expect different variations of styles highlight different hops each year. Lupulado Batch #1 is the first of our fresh hop series. Batch #1 is a sessionable 4.5% pale ale brewed with fresh Cascade from New York. It has a nice crisp bitterness with strong earthy and herbal flavors. Batch #1 is excellent for hot days and is best served in a nonick pint.” The Lupulado #1 was golden yellow with a bright white head. The aroma was full of malt and toast with some citrus hops. The palate was crisp and clean with malty flavors balanced with the citrus hops. This is a great beer to start with.
Next up was the Magic Sticke, a German Style Alt. The brewery describe this beer as,” Traditional German Strong Alt beer. This beer was traditionally brewed by German brewers once or twice a year as a “Secret” recipe. This beer is brewed with pilsner malts and was lagered for about 5 weeks. It has a very smooth malty taste with slight bitterness. The Magic Sticke is currently a taproom exclusive.” The Magic Sticke is 6.7%abv, and is dark golden colored. It has a lot of bread aromas with faint floral hops in the background. The palate was a blend of citrus hops, grapefruit peel and lemon. This brew has 6.7%abv. and is a great drinking beer, but more in line with a pale ale than a German Alt.

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