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Wynetka Ponds Bark Park

Playful pooch living it up at Wynetka Ponds Bark Park in Littleton, CO
Playful pooch living it up at Wynetka Ponds Bark Park
photo by: Jessica Adkisson, JD Photography

North of Chatfield Reservoir in Littleton, CO lies a quaint enclosed dog park called Wynetka Ponds Bark Park. While this particular dog park may not present as much open space or scenery as some other larger local parks, it offers a unique opportunity for both pets and owners to socialize and play. The park consists of two separate enclosures, although one side is closed at a time for re-vegetation. This allows the park to stay in quality condition and prevents any long-term damage from occurring.

Each section contains benches, tables, trashcans and baggy-posts for poop clean-up. Trashcans and baggy-posts are also scattered throughout the trail entrance to the park in order to prevent any unwanted waste. There is not a separate section in this park for smaller dogs, so be aware that the mutts playing come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

While the Bark Park is easy to see from Bowles Ave, the entrance itself is not as easy to find. The parking lot for Wynetka Ponds is located off Lowell Blvd. on the west side if the street. There is an entrance sign for Wynetka Ponds that leads you straight up to the parking lot. From the lot, there are two paths leading into the recreational park. The trail to the left with a baggie-post leads to the dog park, while the trail to the right leads you to scenic walking paths. Please note that leash laws do apply to this area outside of the Bark Park.

There can be upwards of forty-plus dogs playing at any time, however this is not typical during the colder seasons. While the park is generally well maintained, there is no preventing some muddy conditions in the winter. It is encouraged that you dress accordingly for the weather and ground conditions. It is also a good idea to bring a towel or rag of some sort for your dog in the car. Playful pooches often come home with muddy paws, spit-covered coats and foaming mouths (a sign of a good time).

Wynetka Ponds Bark Park, while not the largest or most extravagant, offers a unique environment for friendly people, playful pooches and great experiences.

Bark Park Location:
Lowell Blvd. and W. Bowles Ave. in Littleton, CO

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  • Patrice 5 years ago

    Great article! I am new to the Littleton area and have been having some trouble finding information on local dog parks. The only articles I found about this particular park were on, and man am I grateful!

    I didnt want to pay to have to go to Chatfield and my boxer is not the best listener, so a closed-off park is the best! Thanks!

  • stu 5 years ago

    What a great place to meet new people and find new doggie friends! Thank you, Jessie, for the clear directions to this park.

  • Brett 5 years ago

    I go to this park on occasion and this article has some good advice. great place and information

  • Cathy 5 years ago

    This is a great park for high-energy dogs that like to socialize.
    There is plenty of room to run and play, and the fencing insures that no one will be running off.

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