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Wyllie gubernatorial opponent appears on The Colbert Report

Wyllie opponent shows up on The Colbert Report to sell book.
Wyllie opponent shows up on The Colbert Report to sell book.

Late last night, Adrian Wyllie's gubernatorial opponent, Charlie Crist, appeared on The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. Crist received the "Colbert Bump" and Wyllie will be anxious when he gets his turn later in the election season to cancel Crist's 'bump' by appearing on the show. Wyllie expects to forgive Colbert for the slight of not mentioning it is a three way race between himself, Crist and Scott when he appears on the show.

Colbert came strong out of the gate calling Crist's political career "checkered" during the promotion of Crist's new book. Crist handled himself well, as he usually does in public, however could not quell fears of his notable flip-flop stances whereas the Florida voter is not able to discern what he truly believes. Crist also decided to continue the myth Republicans are racists and the main reason they are against Barack Obama is due to his skin color. Crist failed to acknowledge Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and a growing list of Democrats are against Obama due to his policies. Obama has continued many of Bush's policies and amplifying many of them to the point many feel we are living in a 'police state.'

Colbert said to Crist during the interview, "Do you even have to campaign? Can't you just say, 'I'm Charlie Crist, I used to be governor, how about more of that?'" The issue for Florida voters is trying to figure out what is more of that. Is that the pro-gun rights, anti-medical marijuana, pro-Cuban embargo, anti-marriage equality, anti-abortion, anti-Obamacare Charlie Crist? Or is it the anti-gun rights, pro-weed, anti-Cuban embargo, pro-marriage equality, pro abortion, pro Obamacare Charlie Crist?

And those are just a small number of issues Crist faces this election season against his opponents Adrian Wyllie and Rick Scott. Wyllie's views seem to match those of the Florida voters and it could be the independent voters who decide the race. Wyllie is expected to perform better as he gains name recognition and is included in more polling. Unfortunately for him, most polling agencies have not included his name, however when simple issues are talked about, Wyllie's platform could carry the day for his campaign.