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WWIII or Civil War again? RoCK took my MoonPies! This is war!

WWIII or Civil War again? RoCK took my MoonPies! This is war!
WWIII or Civil War again? RoCK took my MoonPies! This is war!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

People who are from the South wax nostalgically about the MoonPie, a pre-packaged snack of soft graham cookies sandwiching marshmallow. I'm not big on the original chocolate flavor, but now they've come out with salted caramel! There's also banana. I picked some out at late-night Food City store in Abingdon, Virginia -- 11 miles from the Tennessee line. They have a cornucopia of Southern food products, some of which are very hard to find.

MoonPie's beginnings were in the early 1900's, with the Chattanooga Bakery. The specific brand was born in 1917, with sandwich cookies that were portable for coal miners. (Kind of the same theory as pepperoni rolls!) Graham crackers/cookies were big in that era, with the "Graham Diet," a vegetarian health cure. But the MoonPie was made for taste and preservation: cookies "glued" with marshmallow, sealed with chocolate.

Later, the double-decker was invented for large-slotted vending machines. During the 1970's, MoonPies were a popular thing for parade participants to throw from their floats in the Gulf Coast, as they're soft. Mobile, Alabama drops a huge lighted "MoonPie" as their New Year's Eve tradition.

The single and double-decker MoonPies can be quite filling (and higher in calories), so then, the 110 calorie Mini-MoonPie was invented. New, exciting, limited edition flavors are always being invented.

So, back to the grocery store. I picked out some limited edition treats and told RoCK he could take the chocolate flavor to work. He took ALL of them to work! My MoonPies were gone! After the sparks were a-flyin' on the AT& T wires, some came back. I definitely notice some soldiers gone amongst the brigade.

However, they ARE on sale on!