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WWII bomb explodes: Decades-old bomb explodes at construction site, killing one

A WWII bomb exploded at a construction site in Germany Friday afternoon, killing one worker at the scene and injuring at least 13 other individuals, reports CNN on Friday. The bomb was triggered by a digger using a piece of heavy equipment while working at the excavation site.
Police examine the scene in Germany where an excavator triggered a WWII-era bomb, killing one person.

The blast occurred at a rubble storage site in Euskirchen, about 20 miles southeast of Cologne and one of Germany’s most populous states. The site was being used to store construction rubble and was being cleared for recycling.

Hundreds of wartime bombs are still recovered every year in Germany, though most are successfully detonated at secure facilities. The unearthing of unexploded ordnances in Germany still remains a threat however, even though the devices, most of which are Allied bombs, are more than 50 years old.

The blast damaged homes in a 400-meter radius around the explosion, blowing out windows and causing damage to nearby buildings.

"During earth works an excavator hit a World War II bomb which exploded," said a local police spokesman. "There was a huge blast wave. In the vicinity of the accident site and surrounding streets, home windows shattered and garage doors were pushed in."

Buried bombs and mines are common enough in Germany that before any digging is done, most contractors require the land to be surveyed for sleeper bombs.

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