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WWE wrestlers told not to appear on Nancy Grace show again in future

WWE stars not allowed on Nancy Grace CNN show
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

When Nancy Grace ran the CNN Headline News special about the death of The Ultimate Warrior, she said some pretty inflammatory things. Former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page was on the show and said he was taken by shock at her allegations. According to TMZ on Friday, past and present WWE stars have been told to stay away from Nancy Grace’s show.

This just makes sense. When Grace was reporting on the death of The Ultimate Warrior, she speculated that steroids or other “illegal drugs” were responsible for the man’s death. She then went on to talk about how death due to drugs is natural in the WWE and showed clips of men that she said died due to drugs.

One of these men that she showed was Owen Hart. Of course, all WWE fans know that Owen Hart died before a wrestling match when the harness that was lowering him to the ring malfunctioned and he fell to his death. Drugs played no part in the death, and they were never even hinted at.

To make Nancy Grace look even worse, when the autopsy reports came back on the Ultimate Warrior death, the cause of death was heart disease. Warrior’s father and grandfather both died in their 50s due to heart problems. It was hereditary and the coroner’s report said there were no drugs at all involved in the Ultimate Warrior cause of death, calling it natural causes.

According to Diamond Dallas Page, he was ambushed by Nancy Grace on the show. Page said he thought he was coming on to talk about Warrior, the man, but then when Grace started talking about the drug use, he felt betrayed. Page said he even had bullet points to use and then Grace went off about drugs. Despite the ban, and the lack of drugs found in the Ultimate Warrior coroner’s report, Nancy Grace still wants WWE stars to come on her show and try to prove that drugs are not a problem in the WWE.

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