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WWE Wrestlemania Kayfabermetrics: Every wrestling stat from 30 years of 'Mania!

WWE superstar Daniel Bryan
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Pro Wrestling Examiner was arguing recently with someone recently about who on numbers alone was the best Wrestlemania performer besides the Undertaker with his 21-0 winning streak at the showcase of the immortals, and then this discussion lead to other numerical debates concerning WWE's Super Bowl. How many 'heels' have been victorious as compared to 'faces' at the big show? What are the win/loss records of more obscure WWE superstars?

Well after toiling over the math, the record books, and a very complicated Excel spreadsheet with the most expensive team of pro wrestling scientists that money could buy, Pro Wrestling Examiner gives to the world: Wrestlemania Kayfabermetrics!

Using cross-referencing of the data accumulated, you can see who are in the fictional 'kayfabe' logic who is the best and who is not. You can download Kayfebermetrics in this link right here through Google Docs. Be sure to share it with your wrestling geek pals!

The fun part of this free resource tool is our mathematical prediction of tonight's WM30 based on the previous performances of the superstars. Sorry to the Yes Movement, Triple H has 55% of chance of leaving the Superdome tonight with the WWE World title. The Miz has the best chance of winning the Andre the Giant 30 Man Battle Royal with a 4% chance.

And if you asking 'Does the guy who put this together have too much time on his hands?'' Yes, I do.

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