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WWE 'Wrestlemania 30': Stone Cold Steve Austin will be at the show

WWE Wrestlemania 30 Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWE Wrestlemania 30 Stone Cold Steve Austin
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When it comes to WWE "Wrestlemania 30," Stone Cold Steve Austin said he would only come to the show if the WWE really had something for him to do, and he wouldn't just show up to wave to the crowd. TMZ caught up to Steve Austin on April 3 and he said that he will be at "Wrestlemania 30," but wouldn't say what his role would be.

This is huge news because Austin said he needed to have an angle to show up, so there is something that the WWE has planned for The Rattlesnake.

The big idea is for him to race in to help Daniel Bryan beat Triple H, since Austin played the role of the wrestler being held down by management, much like Bryan has been recently. However, this might not be the best idea. The Austin vs. McMahon era saw Austin always one-up the boss which is what helped Austin stay a star.

With the exception of a strike here or there, Bryan has barely made a dent when it comes to one-upping Triple H. If it takes Austin to run in for the save to help Daniel Bryan move on to the WWE World Championship match, it might hurt by showing that he can't win on his own.

There is also the chance that Austin could be named the special guest referee, maybe by "Wrestlemania 30" host Hulk Hogan, to even things up. However, once again, Daniel Bryan really needs to win the title on his own and a cheap win could possibly give Triple H the ammunition to strip him of the title once again the next night.

Whatever the angle may be, there will be a "Wrestlemania 30" Stone Cold Steve Austin appearance on Sunday night.

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