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WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results: Yesamania! Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World title

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 30
Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 30

The Yes Movement has been felt tonight at Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. In front of 75,000 finger-pumping WWE fanatics, the bearded superhero Daniel Bryan beat the odds stacked against him to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The 4 hour mega-show which was broadcasted around the world on pay-per-view and the WWE Network, ended in a massive celebration of fireworks, confetti, and emotional outpour as Bryan celebrate an unfiltered moment of victory.

The evening opened with Daniel Bryan taking on Triple H in a thrilling bout that was fast paced, violent, and filled with pulse-pounding action. After making a glitz entrance on a throne with a golden skull viking mask, the Game strutted to the ring with his fellow corporate authority and wife Stephanie McMahon. There was no Hollywood tricks for DBryan as he walked out to a moving visual of an entire football stadium of fans pumping their hands in the air, chanting “Yes!” like their collective lives depended on it.

The match that followed saw Triple H slam, kick, and crack down on Bryan’s injured shoulder. Yet it was not enough to hold down, the tough man from Aberdeen who kicked out of the King of King’s crowd jewel in his wrestling crown, the Pedegreee facecrusher. Daniel Bryan showed off his submission skills under the bright Wrestlemania lights, humbling the man who had for months screwed him out of his earned place at the top of the card. An enraged Stephanie hit the ring, slapping Bryan in a distraction to set up a post-match attack by Trips with a steel chair.

This set the stage for the Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Enter with two title belts and a rocking entrance song performed live by rock band Rev Theory, champion Randy Orton followed by ‘the Animal’ Batista looked ready to deliver. The three competitors put it all out there, and there was an invisible fourth element competing against them: the fact that less than an hour earlier WWE fans saw the legendary Undertaker lose his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. These three superstars elimnated that element quickly, and the New Orleans crowd was re-electrified.

The match saw even more interference by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Daniel Bryan smashed the Authority figure with his own signature sledgehammer, and launched like a rocket out of the ring onto his corporate enemies. As if that was not enough, Orton and Batista decided to double up on the ‘Yes-Man’ with a nasty RKO and Batista-Bomb combination through a ringside table. Among the wreckage, you could see Orotn writhing in pain when it appeared he had landed on top of a monitor.

It seemed Daniel Bryan simply could not take anymore damge as he is stretchered out of the stadium, but the man who rebelled against the Authority rebelled again against the pain in his own body. Shoving off medics, he climbed back into the ring and launched Running Knee strikes into both of his opponents. There was close calls with Batista and Orton almost pinning each other, but Bryan picked his spot and locked Big Dave into his neck-crunching Labell Lock, forcing him to tap out. The reaction was pure magic as the entire Superdome came unglued.

Daniel Bryan is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And no, he was not quickly screwed out of the title at the end of the show.

Pro Wrestling Examiner’s Perspective: Kudos to WWE, Batista, Orton, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan for making this Wrestlemania very memorable. It paid off to stick with the story through all of the ups and downs, and the culmination here in the Big Easy felt really big and special. The fact that this title match succeeded in following such a debated milestone like the Undertaker losing ‘the streak’ should be noted when fans look back at WM30.

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