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WWE Video: English pianist reinvents classic wrestling theme songs on piano

The theme music of WWE is an often forgotten but integral part of the pro wrestling experience at the company's live events and TV shows. This music sneaks into the heads of fans around the world, it's that calling card for your favorite heroes and villains usually done in the loudest and most bombastic fashion to catch your attention. Yet one WWE fan is trying these rocking over-the-top themes into the delicate world of piano music.

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Lucas King is a WWE fan and talented musician who took has taken his love of the larger than life characters of wrestling’s past and reinvented their musical essence in a new series of original piano renditions of classic entrance themes. Those memorable songs that Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savages and other legends strutted down the aisle to, are really given a moving new sense of life by King in an almost audible love letter to these characters and what they represent for wrestling fans. You can listen to King’s first recording in the series in the video posted above. It covers a lot of the prominent WWE stars of the 80’s and early 90’s including Hogan, Mr. Perfect, Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat, and many more.

King a 22 year old from London, England is not just another person covering an established piece of music on the internet. He is a professional musician who travels performing across Europe and he also composes music himself. He studied music at York St. John University and piano performance at the Baldwin Convservatory of Music. His chops of the ivory keys show from the get go, this is not someone doing a clever rehash, it’s much more than that.

I thought nobody who liked piano music would want to listen to wrestling themes and wrestling fans wouldn't want to listen to piano music. (Wrestling themes) are bombastic, almost the opposite of soft and pianistic.” said King who now resides in York. “WWE entrance themes gives me that chance to really change things up. There are a few piano covers of these themes and what I notice is most of the covers try to mimic the harshness of the originals. I don't see the point in that people can just listen to the original if they want that. My intention was to take these really masculine and harsh themes and turn them into piano pieces in their own right. I'm quite surprised that people liked hearing the themes played this way”And people certainly have reacted well to King’s recordings, and with feedback for his videos being overwhelmingly positive.

One thing that King’s WWE theme recordings do is remind the listener how well these themes were composed originally by WWE musical mind Jim Johnston who has been behind almost all of WWE’s music since the early 80’s. “Johnstone is a brilliant composer and its interesting to see his work in a classical light” adds King who notes that his favorite theme is former World Champion Triple H’s heel theme “My Time”. Inspired by his work, King himself is moving into composing completely new songs himself.

Lucas King is currently working on original music for an independent graphic novel company, Oasis Plus. He has dozens of recordings of piano versions of pop songs, video game themes, and movie soundtracks where he completely reworks the original piece.

Check out Lucas King's music and follow what he is doing in the future on these site:

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