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WWE update: Daniel Bryan health update on his concussion

WWE Daniel Bryan injury update
WWE Daniel Bryan injury update

One week after suffering what was labeled a serious concussion on "WWE Monday Night Raw," reported on Jan. 20 that Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to action. He is also at "WWE Monday Night Raw" in Ohio tonight.

The concussion could have been a bad thing since the WWE just turned Daniel Bryan good again and a match with Bray Wyatt was scheduled for the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view, and that match was put in doubt because of the concussion.

When Dolph Ziggler suffered his serious concussion, he was out for over a month and then quickly lost his world championship and was de-pushed shortly after that. His concussion basically killed his push.

Christian suffered a concussion last year and still hasn't returned from his injury yet.

However, according to the reports, Daniel Bryan has passed his concussion tests and has been medically cleared to return to the ring in just one week. Bryan has been out of action since last Monday night, replaced by The Big Show in the house show matches over the weekend. It seems like his concussion was not as bad as originally thought and the rest helped.

Which direction they take Daniel Bryan after Vince McMahon has seen the crowd responses he is getting should be cleared up on "WWE Monday Night Raw" tonight.

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