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WWE Universe whipped into a frenzy over potential debut of Sting

Over the last few years, the rumor of Sting debuting in WWE was an annual occurrence. The buzz would reach a fever pitch during the WWE's yearly "Road to WrestleMania." However, the buzz currently filling the WWE Universe has to do more with actions from Sting rather than from fans who dream of an encounter between Sting and The Undertaker. On Tuesday July 8, legendary wrestler Sting posted on his twitter page a photo of him in what looks like his "Crow" gimmick and a second tweet of "7.14.14".

July 14th falls on a Monday which is also the day of WWE's popular TV show Monday Night RAW. Almost instantly, wrestling fans have been speculating over what this tweet means. Most fans, according to the messages and comments my inbox, believe that Sting will be appearing on RAW and make his long awaited WWE debut. Sting has already worked on WWE projects for the WWE Network, most notably a program to honor the late WWE HOF superstar The Warrior., speculates that this could simply be the date that the WWE announces that Sting will be featured in the WWE's hit videogame WWE 2K15.

Another possibility is that the WWE could be doing this to stir up interest in the hopes that their ratings and Network subscribers will increase. Currently, the WWE is in a full court press to get as many new subscribers as possible, while keeping the current ones they have.

Teasing a Sting appearance would be a great way to get the fans buzzing and create interest. But, an actual Sting sighting on WWE television would do even more for the company and could be just what the WWE needs to score in the ratings and add more subscribers. One thing is for sure, after nearly three months of silence on Twitter, Sting's July 8th posts were definitely deliberate.

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