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WWE takes heat for controversial Vickie Guerrero vs. Stephanie McMahon match

According to a June 25 report from Cageside Seats, the WWE is still taking heat from a controversial segment that aired this week on Monday Night Raw, which featured a handful of the most prominent females in the promotion get scripted to roll around in a kiddie pool filled with mud. Some in WWE Universe found the segment to be distasteful, and slightly misogynistic because it humiliated several of the top female superstars in the WWE.

WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon wrestled Vickie Guerrero
Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Not only were Vickie Guerrero and WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon scripted to get tossed into a pool of mud, WWE Divas superstars Leyla and Alicia Fox also got thrown into the segment. By the time the skit was over, three WWE Divas had found themselves dripping wet with a mysterious gooey substance that reportedly smelled funky. Counting McMahon and Guerrero, a total of five females off the WWE roster were humiliated by being thrown into a vat of something awful.

The WWE opened Monday Night Raw by teasing that McMahon and Guerrero would wrestle each other in a legitimate match inside the cage, and fans were immediately interested in the idea. Almost instantly, "StephVsVickie" started trending on Twitter. Wrestling fans were expecting McMahon and Guerrero to have a short match inside the WWE ring, with some serious bragging rights on the line.

It soon became apparent that a legit McMahon vs. Guerrero match wasn't going to happen. Just as Guerrero entered the WWE ring, McMahon told her to step out because the match would be happening next to a kiddie pool filled with something that appeared to be mud. The segment quickly spiraled into something sophomoric, as Guerrero, McMahon and several WWE Divas ended up in the mud.

In comparison, just one male was thrown in. As the segment came to a close, McMahon tossed a male referee into the kiddie pool, perhaps to save the WWE from further criticism and claims of sexist behavior. Rarely, if ever, does WWE Universe get to see male superstars get degraded and humiliated in similar fashion. So the question remains: Is the WWE sexist and misogynistic?

Not exactly. WWE Universe might not see it, but the promotion does get its male superstars dirty just as they do the females. Recently, John Cena tossed Bray Wyatt into a kiddie pool filled with mud. The only problem was that the Cena vs. Wyatt bout that night wasn't broadcast on national television, which means a lot less people saw it than the total number of fans who viewed Monday Night Raw.

The honest truth is that throwing athletes of all genders into huge vats of nasty substances is really nothing new, and the WWE doesn't discriminate. Just as McMahon and Guerrero could get down and dirty one week, perhaps Cena and some male superstars will get tossed into a puddle of gravy next week. Cena has done plenty of degrading things over the course of his WWE career, as has Wyatt. Elsewhere, the WWE is working hard to get rid of the Barbie doll image of its WWE Divas division.

Past WWE Divas have certainly had the glorified cheerleader image, but the current divas champ features more of a goth image. Paige, a superstar from England, is being billed by fans as the anti-diva, because she has a darker image. She is being marketed as a legit wrestler who brings the action just as hard as the males on the roster. The WWE still has a ways to go to get the females on the roster equal treatment, but the landscape is slowly changing.

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