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WWE superstars take on day jobs in 'Slam City' animated series

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What happens when the larger-than-life superstars of the WWE suddenly find themselves without a job and have to make ends meet with day labor? That's the premise of the all-new animated series, "WWE Slam City."

Everything is going great in the WWE, until a mysterious masked man named The Finisher informs the Superstars that they're fired from professional wrestling by order of WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon and are forced to seek new employment in Slam City. John Cena, who dropped elbows on opponents in WWE, now drops oil changes as an auto mechanic. Kane, who served up victims with his Chokeslam finishing move, now serves up hot lunches as an elementary school lunch lady. Even the self-professed "Best in The World," CM Punk, has taken work as Slam City's residential ice cream man.

What makes "Slam City" unique is that even if these WWE Superstars have left the ring, they haven't lost the attitudes that make them who they are. With the use of their new "Stretch Move" abilities, these former WWE stars use their in ring prowess to give not only their jobs, but also an impossible customer or client, a much needed attitude adjustment. When barista Alberto Del Rio is intimidated by an impossible order by Damien Sandow, he has no trouble adding a couple of lumps to his head, and his coffee.

This series is also completely done in second-generation clay animation, which pays homage to the classic Claymation series like “Davey and Goliath,” and “Gumby,” Even though the series is targeted towards younger generations, “Slam City” also features WWE legends like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who doesn’t like his coffee cold, he likes it “Stone Cold.”

"WWE Slam City" just goes to show that you can take the WWE Superstar out of wrestling, but can never take wrestling out of the WWE Superstar. You can catch new episodes of "WWE Slam City" every week on the WWE Network, Cartoonium's YouTube channel, and on the Nintendo Video app on Nintendo 3DS.