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‘WWE SuperCard’ exceeds 1.5M DLs in first week

Cat Daddy and 2K Games’ “WWE SuperCard” has exceeded 1.5 million downloads across the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon AppStore in its first week on digital market, 2K announced today in a press release obtained by Examiner.

‘WWE SuperCard’ exceeds 1.5M DLs in first week-slide0
2K Games
‘WWE SuperCard’ exceeds 1.5M DLs in first week
‘WWE SuperCard’ exceeds 1.5M DLs in first week2K Games

“In less than one week, 'WWE SuperCard' broke 2K’s records and became one of the Company’s most popular free-to-play games to date,” Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at 2K said in today's press release. “WWE SuperCard is a fun, engaging and addictive game for mobile game enthusiasts, WWE fans and card collectors alike, bringing the larger-than-life action of WWE straight to their mobile devices to engage with at home or on-the-go.”

A card game featuring more than 400 cards which contain a myriad of WWE Legends and current superstars, “WWE Supercard” also features an impressive “King of the King” mode that allows gamers to take on other online opponents in an attempt to win hard to find cards and build up their decks.

Gamers can also level up their deck by training their existing cards, giving the game a extra level of strategy and playability. Add in support and manager cards, which consist of everything from weapons, taunts and help from Managers, and “WWE SuperCard” has a ton of content that every WWE fan can enjoy.

You can check out Examiner’s review of the game here, as well as an article that shares five great reasons to play the game here as well.

Have you downloaded "WWE SuperCard" yet? What do you think of the game? Sound off in the comment section below.