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WWE Summerslam spoilers: Will Brock Lesnar win the world title tonight

WWE Summerslam spoilers: Will Brock Lesnar win the world title tonight
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images for NASCAR

The WWE presents “Summerslam” tonight on the WWE Network and select pay-per-view networks. As one of the four biggest WWE pay-per-views of the year, there is a lot of speculation at what will happen on the show. This is also the final pay-per-view before WWE Network subscribers six month subscriptions end, so there will be a push to convince them to re-sign for another deal. PWS reported on Sunday that there is a lot of speculation backstage in the WWE that Brock Lesnar will win the WWE world title tonight.

The problem with the WWE putting the WWE world championship on Brock Lesnar is his limited appearances that his schedule demands. There is no way that the WWE will want Lesnar to hold the title long term if he only shows up occasionally. Plus, there is still the idea that the WWE will want Brock Lesnar to be champion heading into “Wrestlemania 31,” so he would need to win the title closer to that event.

With that said, there is also the idea that John Cena could beat Brock Lesnar tonight and then Seth Rollins could cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. The biggest problem with that is that the WWE really needs to pay off the Undertaker streak and letting Lesnar lose his first match after breaking the streak – especially to John Cena – would make the entire ending of the streak mean nothing. Lesnar needs to remain strong until someone like Roman Reigns can capitalize on the breaking of the streak.

It almost seems like the WWE is painted into a corner. With Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker, he is in the perfect spot to put over someone young before his contract expires next year. If he immediately loses to John Cena, it helps no one. If he beats Cena and moves on in his limited role, it hurts the value of the WWE world title. There are also WWE “Summerslam” rumors that the new WWE world title belt will debut tonight.