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WWE SummerSlam 2014: Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon preview

According to an Aug. 16 post from Bleacher Report, one of the biggest grudge matches in WWE history will be settled this weekend at WWE SummerSlam 2014, as WWE Divas superstar Brie Bella takes on WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon. Bella and McMahon have been feuding for months, so their battle is hotly-anticipated.

Stephanie McMahon collides with Brie Bella at WWE SummerSlam 2014
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, McMahon slapped Bella in the face when the WWE Divas star was spotted in the audience for a WWE house show. McMahon was immediately arrested, and she was booked for a court date to answer assault and battery charges unless Bella dropped the case. That segment set up an altercation that took place one week later on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Bella entered the ring and told McMahon she would drop the charges only if she would agree to fight her at WWE SummerSlam 2014. McMahon had no choice but to accept because she didn't want to go back to jail, or go to court to answer assault charges. This match is tough to predict because McMahon is the WWE's top boss, yet she hasn't competed inside the ring since the early-2000s.

McMahon often makes cameo appearances at WWE events, cutting interesting segments on the mic and engaging in scripted promo work. However, she is inexperienced when it comes to competing inside the WWE ring. She is basically a part-time competitor, so her match with Bella shouldn't last very long.

Here's the thing: Triple H will likely be on hand at ringside for McMahon's match with Bella, so he might play a factor in the match. Will Triple H interfere in some way while McMahon competes against Bella at WWE SummerSlam 2014? That's a possibility. The other thing to consider is that McMahon is the boss of both the ref and timekeeper in charge of the SummerSlam bout.

Since McMahon determines their continued employment, it will be interesting to see if they cut her some slack in the match. Brie Bella is expected to also have some help at ringside, as her sister, Nikki Bella, is expected to corner her. WWE SummerSlam 2014, which goes down Aug. 17 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, goes live on the WWE Network at 8 p.m.

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