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WWE strips Daniel Bryan of WWE world title due to injury

WWE strips Daniel Bryan of WWE world title
WWE strips Daniel Bryan of WWE world title
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

As expected, the WWE stripped Daniel Bryan of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Monday and he announcement should come at tonight’s “WWE Monday Night Raw” event in England. PWS reported that Stephanie McMahon made the announcement. There is no word on how the WWE will determine the next champion, although that might be addressed on “Raw.”

This actually makes sense because the typical wrestling storyline has the champion forced to defend his title once every 30 days. That is more important now than ever before because the WWE promotes and sells a major event every month on pay-per-view and the WWE Network. Being without a world champion in action for more than one major event is unacceptable.

Bryan underwent neck surgery last Thursday for a lingering nerve problem. The typical recovery time is eight to 12 weeks. However, that is recovery for a normal person and everyday wear and tear. For a professional wrestler, who is expected to take major bumps night after night, the word is that three months is a very optimistic outlook. There is a chance, Bryan won’t be back until “Summerslam” in August at the earliest.

As a result, the WWE had no choice but to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off of Daniel Bryan. When Dolph Ziggler suffered a major concussion last year, they didn’t strip him of the title. However, he was only out for just over a month. The question now is whether or not the immense heat that Bryan has built up as the face of the company will continue after such a long absence.

Options for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship include putting the title back on Randy Orton, giving it to Triple H to carry through the summer, or maybe hot-shotting a new major face to the title. The WWE is very high on Roman Reigns right now, but it might be too soon for him to carry a major title. Whichever way they go, this might be the last time Bryan is involved in the WWE world title picture for a long time.